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NEW IN 2016!
Published by Dundurn Press

And Then The Sky Exploded - D PoulsenWhen Christian learns his great-grandfather helped build the A-bombs dropped on Japan, he wants to make amends … somehow.

While attending the funeral of his great-grandfather, ninth-grader Christian Larkin learns that the man he loved and respected was a member of the Manhattan Project, the team that designed and created the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during the Second World War.

On a school trip to Japan, Chris meets eighty-one-year-old Yuko, who was eleven when the first bomb exploded over Hiroshima, horribly injuring her. Christian is determined to do something to make up for what his great-grandfather did. But after all this time, what can one teenager really do? His friends tell him it’s a stupid idea, that there’s nothing he can do. And maybe they’re right.

But maybe, just maybe … they’re wrong.

Author: David A. Poulsen
Publisher: Dundurn Toronto
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-45973-637-5 (pbk.)
ISBN 978-1-45973-638-2 (pdf)
ISBN 978-1-45973-639-9(epub)

Numbers RE-RELEASED IN 2015
published by Dundurn Books

* Numbers has been added to the Grade 10 English Language curriculum in Saskatchewan

Fifteen-year-old Andy Crockett wouldn’t call himself the luckiest kid on Earth. At home, his brother got all the looks and all the smarts. And at school, he doesn’t fit with any of the groups — the goths, the athletes, or the brains. Even those misfits, The Six, are not exactly welcoming. But with a new school year starting, Andy thinks his luck may be changing. Parkerville isn't the coolest school, but at least Mr. Retzlaff, his tenth grade social teacher, is cool. This class is awesome from day one. Covering World War II, Hitler, and the Holocaust, Mr. R. urges students to question everything they see and hear. It's the one class Andy wants to ace — if only to make Mr. R. proud. But before long, he starts to realize that Mr. R.'s version of history doesn't quite match everyone else's, and that succeeding in this class may cost more than he's willing to pay.
* View Gordon Ormond review of Numbers

Shivers and Shakes by David A Poulsen - latest book in the Salt & Pepper Series. Published by Key Porter Books2009:
published by Key Porter Books

It was the brochure that got them into it. When Salt and Pepper’s school play is chosen to be performed at an international festival in Scotland, the dynamic duo immediately start looking for ways to occupy their free time. For once, Salt is convinced that nothing can go wrong. And nothing does…until they see the brochure. During a tour of an underground part of the city that is centuries old, Salt is approached by two ghosts—an old man and a little girl. Their plea? Find and help Stephen Beecombe.

But who and where is Stephen Beecombe? And what kind of help does he need? Finding the answers to those questions takes Salt, Pepper, and Salt’s endlessly annoying little brother Hal on a journey to a ghostly meeting where everyone is Stephen Beecombe, into a tunnel populated by werewolves, and to a face-to-face confrontation with the very dangerous “man with wooden teeth.” It’s all part of Salt and Pepper’s wildest chronicle yet!

The Prisoners and the Paintings - click to enlarge image
published by
Key Porter Books

How do you say Trouble in Italian? Salt and Pepper have made an amazing discovery. Hal is an artist. And he’s good! When one of his paintings is chosen to hang in a gallery in Florence, Italy, it means a trip to Europe for Salt, Pepper and Hal. But there’s something different about this painting: strange messages, disappearing figures and an amazing horse race. It all leads to Salt and pepper’s most challenging adventure yet!

February 2007:

published by Key Porter Books
Coming in February 2007 - Salt & Pepper Chronicles - Next Two Books... No Time Like the Past & The Book of Vampire - David A Poulsen

published by Key Porter Books

Last Song SungThird book in the Cullen and Cobb Mystery series!
by David A Poulsen

Published by

Dundurn Books, Toronto, ON
* Adult murder mystery novel

A two pronged mystery with the two central characters, Mike Cobb, ex-cop, now detective and Adam Cullen, crime writing journalist and the narrator of the book... Fifty years after the abduction of an emerging folk-singing star during a gig at Calgary’s famed Depression Coffee House, the singer’s granddaughter hires Cullen and Cobb to find her. The investigation plunges them into the complex, sometimes deadly underbelly of the sixties counterculture.

Dead Air
DEAD AIR by David A Poulsen
- 2nd book in the Cullen & Cobb Adult Mystery Series

* Adult murder mystery novel

Published by
Dundurn Books, Toronto, ON

Ex-cop turned private detective Mike and crime journalist Adam Cullen are hired to protect a right-wing radio personality. When an associate turns up dead, the broadcaster is charged with murder. To prove their client's innocence, Cullen and Cobb are thrust into a world of deceit and death.

Serpents Rising
Second book in this series!
by David A Poulsen
* Adult murder mystery novel

Published by

Dundurn Books, Toronto, ON

In 2005, journalist Adam Cullen’s wife, Donna, is killed by an arsonist. When police, fire and insurance investigators are all unable to track the culprit, Cullen hires, private detective Mike Cobb who is also unsuccessful. Seven years later, Cobb re-enters Cullen’s life. A search for a crack-addicted teenage runaway is tangles up with Calgary’s most ruthless criminal organization—and a possible lead on Donna’s killer. The parallel investigations take the two onto Calgary’s meanest streets, populated by a vicious biker gang, a silky-smooth pedophile… and face-to-face with a cruel killer about to strike again.

by David A Poulsen
* Young Adult novel
* Published by Dundurn Books, Toronto
* Nominated for The White Pine Book Award

Old Man - click to enlargeJust as summer vacation arrives, Nate Huffman's plans are unexpectedly shelved for the most unlikely of reasons: the reappearance of his estranged father. Not only is the old man back, but he has an idea about a road trip. Nate finds himself in a pickup with a man he can't stand. His father wants to reconnect by taking Nate into his own past, which has the Vietnam War as its centrepiece. Nate’s father relives the horror of the battle that changed him forever while Nate undergoes changes of his own. Together, they experience something that goes far beyond their expectations.

"Nate is a totally authentic teenage character, from his shyness in showing affection for his devoted mother, to his enthusiasm for an attractive Australian tourist, to his surliness with the father who abandoned him. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his vulnerability is endearing."
—Resource Links

"Poulsen crafts a story that has lots of twists and turns but which remains completely authentic. Nate's voice, sometimes blunt, always honest, starts strong and continues through the story, keeping the reader completely engaged with his thoughts and his discoveries. It's great to see Poulsen with a new publisher and a fine new book. Gripping, revealing, funny and sad, Old Man will be welcomed by Poulsen fans everywhere."—Gillian O'Reilly, Canadian Children's Book News

Young adult novel by David A Poulsen

* Young adult novel study in Junior High classrooms

* Published in the Fall of 2005... by Key Porter

“April 19, evening: Last night I escaped. The weird thing is that I escaped to a place where all the residents are locked up. Oh, they’re treated real good and everything, but they just can’t leave. I know what that’s like.”

Last Sam’s Cage is the remarkable story of fifteen-year-old Eddie Slater. Already labeled a young offender, Eddie runs away from an abusive step-father and takes up residence at the Calgary Zoo. There he meets Jack, a middle-aged man who has been coming to the zoo’s playground every day for thirty-two years to watch the children. Convinced that Jack is either a pervert or just plain weird, Eddie follows him home one day, and eventually breaks into his house to see what he can find. He discovers more than he bargained for—and that discovery changes both Eddie and Jack for good.

Brilliant! I couldn’t put it down.”—Sharon E. McKay, best-selling author of Charlie Wilcox

Other Published Books by David Poulsen

Billy and the Bearman
Winner of a "Choice Award" from the Canadian Children's Book Centre and short-listed for the R. Ross Annett Award in Alberta and the Blue Heron Award in Ontario.
Napoleon Publishing Toronto, ON. ISBN 0-929141-48-2
A well-written novel with plenty of action and adventure...The fast-moving plot and likable characters will appeal to boys and girls, and the story will engage reluctant readers as well as avid ones... Quill and Quire.

The Vampire's Visit
First book in the comedy/mystery/adventure series The Salt and Pepper Chronicles. Nominated for Red Cedar and Aurora Awards.
Roussan Publishing Montreal, Quebec ISBN 1-896184-12-X
A vampire story with an attitude!"

The Hunk Machine
The second book in The Salt and Pepper Chronicles.
Roussan Publishing, Montreal Quebec ISBN 1-896184-28-6
Author David A. Poulsen¹s recipe for adventure: Start with a bogus movie and four gorgeous hunks--a star-struck sleuth and an "electric lullaby". Stir in enough plot twists to satisfy the most avid mystery fan. Once again Poulsen serves up madcap humour for middle readers.

Dream: a collection of short stories that includes the Award-winning The Welcomin'.

Don't Fence Me In: Adult novel. An over-the-hill rodeo clown falls in love with the mascot of a professional football team with hilarious results.

Robokicker: Sports biography, co-written with Dave Ridgway, former CFL great with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Wild Ride: A Look at the lives and challenges of three professional rodeo athletes

which includes...
The Cowboy Kid
A Canadian bestseller now in its second edition.
Red Hawk Communications ISBN 0-9680186-1-0
The Cowboy Kid was great! We love it. We would like to read more of your books. Robin Boomhower and Richard Belanger, Rock Island Elementary School, Quebec, Canada

Ride for the Crown
The popular sequel to The Cowboy Kid.
Red Hawk Communications ISBN 0-9680186-2-9
The class has just finished Ride for the Crown. But I took it home and read it all in one night. I couldn¹t put it down. Becky McCurry, Ceylon School, Ceylon, Saskatchewan.

Ride the High Country
The exciting concluding book to the trilogy.
Red Hawk Communications ISBN 0-9680186-0-2
The long-awaited third book in The Rodeo Trilogy.

The Cowboy Country Cookbook: Recipes and cowboy lore that reflect the cowboy way of life. Co-written with Lauren Hitchner and Barb Poulsen

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